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Getting to the heart of reading using the science of reading.

Personalized tutoring in reading.

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  • phonemic awareness​

  • phonics

  • fluency

  • vocabulary

  • comprehension


I specialize in personalized, one-on-one intensive literacy instruction. An initial assessment is given to guide your child's instruction and meet individual needs.


  • reading

  • writing

  • spelling

  • handwriting

  • fine motor skills

  • active listening skills

  • oral language

  • family support


My name is Kim Evans. I am a retired, certified teacher with 21 years experience in the elementary classroom. I am specially trained in using a research-based, multisensory approach in helping students experience reading success.

I am passionate about literacy and helping struggling readers develop the tools they need to become successful readers and gain confidence in themselves.


Everyone learns at their own pace and has different strengths and weaknesses. I use a variety of resources, based on the science of reading, when creating individualized plans for each student.

I love motivating and nurturing a true desire to grow as a learner. We will work together to create stronger and more confident readers.

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     "When our daughter was entering the 1st grade it was her first year in an English speaking school and in the states. We had been living abroad and her Kindergarten year had left her lacking, especially in reading fundamentals. We knew that she would be behind but hoped that she would catch up, we had no idea just how far Kim would be able to take her and how quickly. When I went in for her first parent teacher conference Kim pulled out some of my daughter's journal pages. The first one she showed me was from the first week of school, it was a long stream of whatever letters my daughter could think of, no words, no breaks between letters, no sounding out, she just put something on the page because she didn't know what else to do. The second page Kim showed me was just a couple months later and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It was not only words but full sentences, you could see where things were spelled wrong but had been sounded out, showing she was truly understanding the process. It was decodable, coherent, and right at age level. I couldn't help but tear up. By the end of first grade not only had my daughter caught up but was thriving and becoming a bookworm. My daughter is still a bookworm who continues a love of reading instilled in her by Mrs Evans. 

     We were lucky enough to have Kim a second time with our son. His kindergarten year was interrupted by the start of COVID and his in-class experience in 1st grade was also postponed due to COVID. This definitely affected his reading ability. Even though half of the year was online Kim was able to make huge progress with our son as well. She was his biggest cheerleader and as proud as we were of all his progress. I think that's the best part about Mrs Evans, not only is she amazing at what she does but she also cares so deeply it has just as big of an impact and our kids love her for that, she will forever be our favorite teacher."



Samantha Curley, Parent 

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     "Mrs. Evans’ integrity as an educator is unmatched.  She was a driving force in getting the early intervention needed for our son to become a successful reader.  Her steadfast resolve and dedication put us on the right path to recognizing what our son needed in order to advance.   Her dedication to all of her students is nothing less than remarkable.  We will be forever grateful to her for seeing our son’s potential and giving us the tools to unlock it." 


Mrs. Oldford, Parent

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(907) 748-4620
Anchorage, Alaska
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